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1.900 - 2.646m
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1.900 - 2.646m

Vent, Tirol's mountaineering village lies at 1.900 m above sea level amidst a breathtaking landscape of mountains. In summer it's a paradise for hikers and climbers alike. Wonderful trails at high altitude, beautiful sunrises, valleys high up and surrounded by glaciers.

Gain Impressions
Gain impressions that will remain with you forever. Eight alpine huts await you. Enjoy pure nature, climb from an alpine meadow up into the eternal ice!

Wildspitze Peak
The mountain itself creates memorable experiences. The picture-book glacier landscape adds to a memorable day. Enjoy a wonderful hike from lush green meadows in full bloom up to the eternal ice - creating memories that will stay with you forever.

The lovely mountain village is characterized by peace and silence in abundance. Where the roads end unlimited walking pleasures start. The entire scenery is landmarked by the might Wildspitze Peak, 4774 m - Tirol' highest mountain.

The giant hiking and walking area around Vent boasts 8 serviced Alpine refugees and mountain huts run by the Alpine Association, a perfect base for conquering one of the 300 summits higher than 3000 meters.
Besides countless high Alpine tours you are also strongly recommended to enjoy more leisurely walking tours and hiking routes.

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Ötztal Tourismus
Venterstrasse 35, A-6458 Vent

+43 (0)57200 260
+43 (0)57200 261
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Lagos Vent
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  • Vent
    20.06.2019 - 22.09.2019 (1 Remonte mecánico)
  • Sölden
    11.06.2020 - 27.09.2020 (7 Remontes mecánicos)
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