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Estación de esquí Pitztaler Gletscher - Rifflsee / Pitztal

1.640 - 3.440m
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Pitztaler Gletscher - Rifflsee /...

1.640 - 3.440m

Plano de pista Estación de esquí Pitztaler Gletscher - Rifflsee / Pitztal
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13,2 km
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Novedades Pitztaler Gletscher - Rifflsee / Pitztal

The 3440

A Box seat with a spectacular view high up in the mountains of the Pitztal.

THE 3440 is the highest viewpoint in Austria. The cable car and mountain station are nestled on the summit of the Hinterer Brunnenkogel at 3,440 metres and provide visitors with a sheltered and easily accessible place for experiencing the mountain world, the peaks and the eternal ice at this altitude – both in summer and winter. It is a box seat at lofty heights, a place where the silhouette of the mountain world merges with the sky on the horizon. Cable cars in the high mountains give everyone access to a summit experience through selected points in areas with skiing facilities. Only experienced alpinists can access the many thousands of other peaks in the Alps!

Estación de esquí Pitztaler Gletscher - Rifflsee / Pitztal

Welcome to Tyrol's highest glacier

Thanks to the guaranteed snow from the glacier, you can enjoy skiing from September until May in Pitztal. We offer you 39 km of ski runs in winter through the ski connection between the Rifflsee ski resort and the glacier ski resort. In a varied winter landscape, you can choose from easy, moderate and difficult ski runs on wide glacier slopes or runs through trees. In addition, you’ll find secluded powder snow slopes and firm glacier snow runs. Diverse skiing pleasure and an unforgettable ski holiday in Austria are guaranteed!

Contacto Estación de esquí Pitztaler Gletscher - Rifflsee / Pitztal

Pitztaler Gletscherbahn - Rifflseebahn
Mittelberg, A-6481 St. Leonhard

+43 5413 86288
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+43 5413 86288
+43 5413 86288 150
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