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BERGFEX: Eisenerz: Vacaciones Eisenerz - Viajes Eisenerz

Leoben - Steirische Eisenstraße


736 - 1.500m


736 - 1.500m

At Eisenerz you can enjoy your holiday. Every day is fun, every mountain offers fresh energy and brings new surprises. At this place the landscape becomes pure passion...

Lovers of our region are not in agreement which time of year our mountains are more beautiful - in summer or in winter. Thus, so many visitors come to two seasons.

Eisenerz is nestled in the striking mountain chains of the Eisenerzer Alps. The mountains surround the mountain town like a shield. Our contrasting landscape is dominated by a sparkling clean mountain lake, sunny meadows and numerous special features to be discovered.

As a mining based community, the town has its roots in cultural and social customs and traditions of the miners. This is reflected in the lively social life, the many cultural events and vibrant offerings at the Adventure Erzberg*; there is a visit to the exhibition mine, an exciting ride with the largest cab in the world, the so called "Hauly" or one of the international sports competitions, such as the *Erzberg Rodeo.

In the Vitalbad take the time to have leisure and enjoy the amenities of the spa offering.

There are so many interesting and worth seeing possibilities, that we would like to get close. Be amazed and get inspired by the images on our website.


We are looking forward to your visit!

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TVB Erlebnisregion Erzberg
Körnerplatz 1, AT-8790 Eisenerz

+43 (0)3848 3700
+43 (0)3848 2100

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