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Estación de esquí Malcesine - Monte Baldo

90 - 1.860m
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Malcesine - Monte Baldo

90 - 1.860m

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Estación de esquí Malcesine - Monte Baldo

At 1800 m above sea level and higher, Mount Baldo is normally covered with snow from Christmas to the end of March and it hosts a lively skiing season.

For years, there has been a set of lifts, including: the Prà Alpesina chairlift (1430 - 1830 m), which can be reached either from the cableway at Malcesine or by car, from the Ala - Avio exit of the Brennero motorway, the La Colma ski lift, Pozza della Stella, Paperino, etc. This serves two slopes - one red and one black - which regularly host Italian Winter Sports Association competitions that are also organised by the local ski club as well as being of the same level as other more famous European Cup pistes.

There are other easier slopes and nursery slopes available to families for the enjoyment of mothers with their children and "calmer" skiers. However, as well as skiing, it is the shared joy and fun that sunshine and snow inspire in adults in children alike. Overlooking the deep blue depths of Lake Garda, the splendid terrace of Mount Baldo gives the sensation of being suspended between the sky and the earth, leaving you with the memory of unforgettable views and a great desire to return to these snowy slopes.

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Funivia Malcesine - Monte Baldo
Navene Vecchia, 12, I-37018 Malcesine

+39 045 7400206
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+39 045 7400206
+39 045 7401885
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