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The Republic & Region of Srpska is located in South-Eastern Europe, in the western part of the Balkan Peninsula. It borders Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and the entity of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and occupies about 40% of the entire country. The largest city is Banja Luka and represents the administrative, economic and university centre.
The Srpska region covers a wide variety of themes: Lovers of active holidays, nature and all those places that preserve the spirit of history and tradition will find a place for themselves here.
Mediterranean and alpine influences meet and create different types of climate in a relatively small area. In the south, the weather is warm, sunny and dry, with very mild winters. In the more continental areas, summers are generally warm, occasionally hot, springs and autumns cool and winters cold and snowy. The alpine climate prevails in the mountainous areas of the high Dinaric Alps above 1,700 metres above sea level.
The average temperature in January is -1° C, in July about 20° C.

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Tourist organization Republic of Srpska
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