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Ebensee - Feuerkogel

443 - 1.625m
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Ebensee - Feuerkogel

443 - 1.625m

The aerial ropeway will take you up to the Feuerkogel Plateau (1585 m) in just a few minutes’ time, with a fabulous skiing area and 8 lift facilities, suitable for beginners and advanced skiers alike, awaiting you. The Feuerkogel Plateau is particularly popular with families and children. The area stands out for its well prepared slopes, breathtaking panoramic views over the snow-capped Salzkammergut mountains and the lake scenery, good snow conditions from December to April, skiing and snowboard courses with equipment rental facilities, absolute safety with regard to avalanches and a descent (not prepared) down to the valley for skiing experts. Special feature: for guests to the Feuerkogel a special activity program is on offer during the winter.

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Ebensee - Feuerkogel
Ebensee - Feuerkogel
Ebensee - Feuerkogel

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Tourismusverband Traunsee-Almtal
Hauptstraße 34, A-4802 Ebensee am Traunsee

+43 (0)6133 8016
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