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Welcome to Elixhausen!

Elixhausen is with an area of 8.36 km2 one of the smallest communities in the province of Salzburg and has no large farms. Because of the proximity to the city of Salzburg many people settled here over the recent decades. From a few settlements in the old days, a livable and family-friendly community has developed.

In September 2006, due to the Cycling World Championship pictures of Elixhausen went around the whole world. Since October 2006, there exist nordic skiing, walking and hiking trails in Elixhausen.

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Salzburger Seenland
Salzburger Seenland
Salzburger Seenland

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Gemeinde Elixhausen
Schulweg 9, A-5161 Elixhausen

+43 (0)662 480 214 0
+43 (0)662 480 214 22
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