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BERGFEX: Estación de esquí Krvavec - Vacaciones de esquí Krvavec - Estación invernal de deporte Krvavec

Estaciones de esquí Gorenjska

Estación de esquí Krvavec

1.450 - 1.971m


1.450 - 1.971m

Plano de pista Estación de esquí Krvavec
Valores de nieve Hoy, 06:40
Hoy, 06:40
50 cm
6 desde 13
Remontes mecánicos abiertos

Remontes mecánicos Krvavec


Horario de apertura Invierno

01.12.2018 - 22.04.2019
En funcionamiento
08:00 - 17:00

Pistas Krvavec

7 km (6)
dificultad media
15 km (12)
dificultad alta
7 km (4)
Freeride/ Itinerarios
1 km
30 km

Novedades Krvavec

Krvavec is the 3rd time in a row the best Slovenian ski resort to be chosen by the World Ski Awards. This year we are also celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Krvavec ski resort. This year it will be a very special holiday!

Estación de esquí Krvavec

Krvavec – Slovenia`s best ski resort

...situated in Municipality of Cerklje, is the closest Ski Resort to an international airport (Ljubljana – Brnik, 8km) in Europe. It is, in addition, a mere 25 km from Ljubljana and 35 km from Bled. The Ski Resort has 30km of well-maintained ski runs 1.45o -1.971 m above sea level, providing excellent conditions for skiing on natural and artificial snow. The ski runs are varied and ideal for both recreational and professional skiers.

The rich additional package includes a Ski School, rental and service of ski equipment, a polygon for beginners and a children’s playground, and thus attracts and delights beginners.

A huge attraction at the Krvavec Ski Resort is the snow Hotel, the so-called Igloo Village.

The pleasant atmosphere, the food and beverage offer and numerous parties will enchant you and may ensure that you come back.

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Contacto Estación de esquí Krvavec

Estación de esquí Krvavec

RTC Krvavec d.d.
Grad 76, SI-4207 Cerklje na Gorenjskem

+386 (0)4 2525911
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+386 (0)4 2525911
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