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778 - 2.506m
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778 - 2.506m

Waidring - Unforgettable holiday in the PillerseeTal - Kitzbühler Alpen

The entry village of the PillerseeTal is Waidring.
Settled at the foot of the Steinplatte - where Tyrol, Salzburg and Bavaria meet - it boasts the especially snow safe and most poular Steinplatte skiing resort. The runs are easily accessible with the modern and well maintained red gondolas right from the village centre. You will fall in love with Waidring! As a typical Tyrolean village the balconies are full with flowers in summertime, real eye candy for botanists! Say hello to Waidring, the ideal starting point for acitve hiking adventures and bicycle tours.

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  • 778 m sea level
  • 1971 inhabitants
  • 1668 guest beds
Valoración 4,8
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Waidring - Tourismusverband Pillerseetal
Dorfstr. 12, A-6384 Waidring

+43 (0)5354 56304 30
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Steinplatte - Waidring
Alpegg 10, A-6384 Waidring

+43 (0)5353 5330
+43 (0)5353 5330 10
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