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BERGFEX: 3-Gipfel-Tour von der Kanzelwandbahn zur Fiderepasshütte - Wanderung - Excursión Vorarlberg

3-Gipfel-Tour von der Kanzelwandbahn zur Fiderepasshütte

3-Gipfel-Tour von der Kanzelwandbahn zur Fiderepasshütte

3-Gipfel-Tour von der...


Pequeña descripción
High alpine ridge hike through jagged rocks – three peaks in one day. From the Kanzelwand lift via the Hammerspitzen and Hochgehrenspitze to the Fiderepasshütte and descent to the valley. 
Punto de salida
Kanzelwand mountain station

La mejor temporada
During this tour you climb three peaks: The Walser Hammerspitze, the Hochgehrenspitze and the Oberstdorfer Hammerspitze. Over a jagged, craggy ridge, right at the Austrian-German border, the trail leads you from Kanzelwand lift to the Fiderepasshütte. The first longer ascent may therefore be overcome quite easily by the lift (chargeable). The partially exposed path over the ridge is however only recommended for very sure-footed hikers free from giddiness.
Descripción del itinerario
Ascent with the Kanzelwandbahn to almost 2,000m. From the top station you first head towards the Kanzelwand summit and the via ferrata. However, you follow the path straight on and finally turn right onto the ridge to the Austrian Hammerspitze (2,170 m), which can be reached in about an hour. After a break, follow the ridge which say "Nur für Geübte“ (“for experts only") to the second summit, the Hochgehrenspitze. After about half an hour through rugged terrain you reach the summit. From here the path becomes more demanding and requires easy climbing, but there are fixed ropes available. After some up and down, partially exposed and on brittle rock, you reach the German Hammerspitze and finally the key point: a 11 meter high wall. Here you have to rappel or climb down secured (III). The Fiderepasshütte is not far from here. Here you have several options: You can stay overnight on the DAV hut and do the Mindelheimer via ferrata the next day. Alternatively, and with good stamina, you can also take the via ferrata immediately. For a one day tour, you can descend directly via the Fluchtalpe Wildental and Höfle and take the bus back to Riezlern
Punto álgido
2.239 m
Punto final
Mittelberg Höfle
Perfil alto

Sturdy shoes and functional clothing as well as weather proof clothes, backpack with food supplies. Security equipment with mountaineering harness and rope. Helmet recommended.
Información de seguridad
140 Alpine Notfälle österreichweit
144 Alpine Notfälle Vorarlberg
112 Euro-Notruf (funktioniert mit jedem Handy/Netz)

The Kleinwalsertal valley is located in the north-east of the Austrian state of Vorarlberg and can only be reached by road via Oberstdorf (Germany/Bayern). The main part of Austria can only be reached directly by foot or by taking a detour via Allgäu. 
  • You do not need an autobahn badge to drive into the valley.
  • Please ensure that you have suitable tyres in winter. In Austria, winter tyres (min. 4mm, M S) are obligatory on snow-covered roads from 1 November to 15 April.
El transporte público
Leave the car where it is! Take the Walserbus line 1 and get off at the bus stop Kanzelwandbahn. After the hike line 4 takes you from Höfle back zu Mittelberg.
A parking area (don't forget to pay!) is located right at the starting point, at the bottom of the Kanzelwand lift.


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