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BERGFEX: Bergbahnen St. Johann - Oberndorf: Vacaciones Bergbahnen St. Johann - Oberndorf - Viajes Bergbahnen St. Johann - Oberndorf

Kitzbüheler Alpen St. Johann in Tirol

Bergbahnen St. Johann - Oberndorf

659 - 1.604m

Bergbahnen St. Johann -


659 - 1.604m

My Mountain – St. Johanner Bergbahnen

My Mountain provides me with everything I want. With St. Johanner Bergbahnen cable cars I can reach Harschbichl on the Kitzbüheler Horn to hike, drive a mountain cart or enjoy the panoramic views on a cabin.

Mix your own summer, that’s the motto of St. Johanner Bergbahnen. Make the Kitzbüheler Horn your Mountain and say, My Mountain provides me with everything I want. From St. Johann in Tirol I can reach Harschbichl on the Kitzbüheler Horn and do more than just hiking. The high rope climbing course at Hornpark provides me with fun and action, regardless of my age. The traditionally built cabins invite me to relax and enjoy. The via ferrata at Kitzbüheler Horn invites me to climb, regardless whether I’m a beginner or advanced climber.

The most recent attraction on the mountain is the mountain cart. From the middle station of the Harschbichlbahn cable car, I rush down into the valley on a custom built 3 wheel mountain cart. To cool down, I dip my feet into a crystal clear mountain lake. No matter what I do, I make the Kitzbüheler Horn my Mountain and mix my own summer.

Via ferrata
Climb like a mountain goat
Via ferratas on the Kitzbüheler Horn

Hiking is a wonderful experience, but climbing is even more fascinating and tantalises many moun-taineers. With their footholds, handholds and wire ropes anchored into the rockface, via ferratas are the perfect combination of both – and the ideal way to explore the Alps like a mountain goat!

The two via ferratas at the Kitzbühler Horn are a challenge for ambitious adventurers but can also be mastered by families with a head for heights. The splendid panoramic views of the Kaisergebirge, the Kitzbühel Alps and the Loferer & Leogang mountains will leave behind memories for a lifetime.

It is just a 20-minute walk from the top of the Harschbichl cable car to the start of the training via ferrata, where experienced climbers can warm up for greater adventures and beginners can gain confidence and experience.

After a more than 100m circular climb (one section rated “C” on A-E difficulty scale) you will return to the starting point. Now it is time to walk a further 15 minutes to the start of the real challenge!

The via ferrata leading onto the Kitzbüheler Horn mountain starts directly next to the Scheibersteig. The first section covers 150 vertical metres and leads 350m along the ridge towards the summit, including several sections rated C on the difficulty scale.

Once you have reached the summit, all your efforts will be rewarded with magnificent views. On clear days you can see more than 70 mountains over 3000m, among them the Großglockner, Austria’s highest mountain.

It is an easy 40-minute hike along the Scheibersteig back to the Harschbichl hut.

Kitzbüheler Horn High-Altitude Trail
The starting point of the route is the top station of the Harschbichl cable car (1,640m). From there, the trail leads along a forest road for a few hundred metres until you reach a turning with several routes towards the Kitzbüheler Horn.

Take the trail to the left (known as the “Jägersteig” among locals) until you reach the ridge of the Kitz-büheler Horn. Continue along this “Hofer Schneid” ridge with mountain pastures and charming flora and fauna all the way to the summit. There you can enjoy unique panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, including the Großglockner, the Zillertal Alps and the Leogang & Loferer chains.

Follow the sign posts to St. Johann in Tirol along the “Ludwig-Scheiber-Steig” to get back to the starting point at the top station of the Harschbichlbahn or take the Hornbahn cable car back down into the valley to Kitzbühel.

The Kitzbüheler Horn High-Altitude Trail is a well-maintained trail of intermediate difficulty with wire ropes on some sections. However, sure-footedness, good equipment and hiking experience in the mountains are requirements for this trail. Patches of snow can be found until the month of June. Hikers should avoid this trail in wet conditions, snow and bad visibility.

*Long distance hiking trail *

This wonderful route takes around 8 hours to complete. It requires good physical fitness and stable weather conditions.

The starting point is the bottom station of the Harschbichl cable car. If you want to reduce the length of the route you can take the gondola up the first 1,000 vertical metres and start your hike at the Harschbichl cable car station along the Ludwig-Scheiber-Steig to the Kitzbüheler Horn. After having reached the first summit, you continue your hike towards the Hornköpfelhütte hut, then along the hiking trail to the Lämmerbichlalm hut. Follow this trail until you reach the next turning, then turn left to reach the ridge between the Stuckkogel and the Hochetzkogel.

From there it is only 10 more minutes to reach the Bichlalm hut (no food or drink served). Descend 100m into the valley and then turn left along forest meadows with a few trees to reach the Gaisberg-sattel. From this ridge you go around the Gaisberg mountain by walking along its west and south side on the right. Behind it you reach the Gebrajoch ridge. Continue your hike to the Grubjoch ridge and turn left along a slope with mountain pines to reach the Niederer Mahdstein.

From here you start your hike down along the western slopes of the Hoher Mahdstein with alpine roses towards the Jufennieder. The last ascent then takes you to the Seenieder ridge.

From there, you continue your hike to the Wildseeloder-
haus hut, the top station and the Lärchfilzkogel.
There you can return into the valley on the gondola and choose between train and bus services to get back to St. Johann.

Overall hiking time: approx. 8 hours
Hiking time from Harschbichl top station: approx. 5.5 hours, good physical fitness and stable weather conditions necessary.
For further information on the Rother Wanderführer hiking guides go to: www.rother.de

The modern treasure hunt using a GPS device!
St. Johann is highly recommended in the geocaching scene!

Geocaching is an exciting and family-friendly variation of the treasure hunt. The principle is easy:
someone hides something and others have to find it.

Discover the most beautiful way to explore the
unspoiled nature of the Kitzbühel Horn! With our story about the little troll “Kaspar”, we will draw even extreme couch potatoes from the woodwork!

Of course we have come up with a new idea for this summer and will bring the cachers’ passion for collecting to the boil! On this occasion we would like to thank all geocachers for the numerous blue ribbons!

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Kitzbüheler Alpen St. Johann in Tirol
Kitzbüheler Alpen St. Johann in Tirol

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Contacto Bergbahnen St. Johann - Oberndorf

Skistar St. Johann in Tirol
Hornweg 21, AT-6380 St. Johann in Tirol

+43 (0)5352 62293
Bergbahnen St. Johann - Oberndorf
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