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BERGFEX: Estación de esquí Rogla - Vacaciones de esquí Rogla - Estación invernal de deporte Rogla

Estaciones de esquí Savinjska

Estación de esquí Rogla

1.100 - 1.517m


1.100 - 1.517m

Plano de pista Estación de esquí Rogla
Valores de nieve Hoy, 05:48
Hoy, 05:48
50 cm
9 desde 13
Remontes mecánicos abiertos

Remontes mecánicos Rogla


Horario de apertura Invierno

01.12.2018 - 07.04.2019
En funcionamiento
09:00 - 16:00

Pistas Rogla

2 km
dificultad media
8,5 km
dificultad alta
1,5 km
Freeride/ Itinerarios
12 km

Estación de esquí Rogla

At Rogla, you will be able to experience winter sports to the full. A testimony to this is many satisfied customers, who return to Zresko Pohorje time and time again, and of course the six golden snowflakes, which Rogla attained as the most finely organized Slovene ski centre.Rogla offers the enjoyment of skiing from late autumn to early spring. Skiers are guaranteed a minimum of hundred skiing days on excellent ski slopes covered with natural and compact snow.

Approximately 100 hectares of maintained ski slopes for beginners, recreational and competitive skiers contain 11 ski lifts, 2 chair lifts and tens of kilometres of maintained ski-runner tracks.

Those who have plenty of energy and adrenalin get around well at the hurdles in the Fun Park Rogla, on a polygon for free-style snowboarders and skiers, located along the left side of the ski slope Mašin Žaga.

The Fun park Rogla consists of a “half pipe” in the upper part and fifteen »slope-style elements« where free-style snowboarders and skiers perform their own elements in the middle or even the lower part. Some ski jumps made from the natural contours of the ground, referred to as »kickers«, are in the lower part and two »big air« ski jumps are placed directly before the finish line.

A special adventure is night skiing on the lit ski slopes Kosuta and Jasa.For those who know that it is never too late to learn, the skiing school Rogla offers beginners' and advanced courses.

Under guidance of expert ski instructors, you will find out how much fun skiing can be and how easy it is to master. The skiing school Rogla has received the golden snowflake for best skiing school in Slovenia for a succession of years.

To enjoy the snow, you don't need your own skiing equipment. There is a ski equipment lease at the Planja hotel, where you will be fitted out for skiing from head to toe.

The youngest guests will be taken care of in the skiing kindergarten on snow, with many play devices. Babysitting can also be arranged.

If you have a competitive spirit, you can always tackle the recreational competition track at Masin zaga. A skiing competition can always be arranged for organized groups and companies. For a pleasant end of the day, apres ski banquets and parties can be organized in one of the catering facilities.

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