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Estación de esquí Igrišta / Vlasenica

1.040 - 1.350m
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Estación de esquí Igrišta / Vlasenica

The winter sports and recreation center “Igrišta” is located at the altitude of 1,019 meters, only seven kilometers away from the city, on the main road through which the lines of tourists pass in the winter, whose final destinations are the Olympic mountains of Jahorina and Bjelašnica, about 100 kilometers from Vlasenica.

Among the most beautiful natural ambient of this region is the mountain plateau Ružnavoda (about 1,130 m above sea level), which extends along the road to Han Pijesak, today the attractive treasure of citizens of Vlasenica, and because of dense forests (mostly coniferous) green meadows and planks and cold clean water has the characteristics of a real aerial spa. There is also a high concentration of the ozone in the air in this region.

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Contacto Oficina de turismo

Turistička organizacija opštine Vlasenica
Svetosavska 99, BIH-75440 Vlasenica

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+387 (0)56 733 096
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