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Esquí de fondo Obersaxen Mundaun

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Obersaxen Mundaun

1.079 - 1.156m

Loipenplan Obersaxen Mundaun
Pistas de esquí de fondo Ayer, 14:02
Ayer, 14:02
2,4 km
2,4 km
Patinaje en hielo
Funcionamiento actual: Diariamente

The region Obersaxen Mundaun offers ideal conditions for cross country skiing. Whether you prefer Skating or rather a classic cross-country skiers - our trails gives you both! From the village of Flond to Valata you can experience our area to a total of 11.30 km of groomed cross-country ski trails! The varied landscape offers beginners as well rounders many opportunities to meet their needs. And if you want to attempt the cross-country adventures for the first time, offers a cross country course the best entry!

The Sporthilfe Youth francs
Doing something for the young Swiss sports while gliding through the snowy mountains? With the cross-country pass it is possible. Consulting and sales to the cross-country skiing is available in the information office in the Grange or Mundaun Turissem Surcuolm. Who buys a cross country skiing pass supports automatically the Swiss Sports Aid and the cross-country skiing in Obersaxen / Mundaun with a franc.

The varied trail guide (1079-1156 m above sea level) offers beginners as well rounders many opportunities.


Langlaufpass Schweiz: CHF 160.-
Tageskarte Obersaxen Mundaun: CHF 8.-
Wochenkarte Obersaxen Mundaun: CHF 25.-
örtliche Saisonkarte Obersaxen Mundaun: CHF 50.-

Mit dem Kauf des Langlaufpasses helfen Sie mit, die unzähligen Arbeitsstunden der Loipenverantworlichen zu entschädigen!

Posibilidades de albergue

Ustria Posta Veglia in Flond

Información actual de pistas de esquí de fondo

Sitio web
+41 81-9332222
Pistas de esquí de fondo Vista general
pistas de esquí de fondo clásicas
11.3 km
Canchas de patinaje en hielo a fondo
11.3 km
Pistas de esquí de fondo con luz artificial
1.6 km
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In diversen Sportgeschäften der Region

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Surselva Tourismus - Info Obersaxen Mundaun

Undertor 1, CH-7134 Obersaxen
+41 (0)81 933 22 22
+41 (0)81 933 11 10

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