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Estaciones de esquí Carintia (Kärnten)

Estación de esquí Ankogel - Mallnitz

1.200 - 2.636m
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Ankogel - Mallnitz

1.200 - 2.636m

Plano de pista Estación de esquí Ankogel - Mallnitz

Remontes mecánicos Ankogel - Mallnitz


Horario de apertura Invierno

21.12.2019 - 15.03.2020
En funcionamiento
08:30 - 16:30

Pistas Ankogel - Mallnitz

2,8 km (3)
dificultad media
5 km (4)
dificultad alta
5 km (5)
Freeride/ Itinerarios
5 km
12,8 km

Novedades Ankogel - Mallnitz

Das Skigebiet Ankogel und die Mölltaler Gletscherbahnen sind im neune Eigentum der TATRY MOUNTAIN RESORT GROUP.

Estación de esquí Ankogel - Mallnitz

The * Ankogel * as border mountain between North and South nasks from the snow blows from both sides of the Tauernhauptkammes. Therefore, the powder in the winter and the firen in the spring is particularly long.

As one of Carinthia's highest ski resorts, the Hochgebirgsbahnen Ankogel * are over 2,600 m above sea level * and offer with the valley run a real pleasure for winter sportsmen, and the Köfele lifts in the valley are ideal for beginners and ski school visitors.

Gentle and demanding * slopes above the tree line * allow the enjoyable dance of glittering white.

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